Wanda Mychele

Photo by Noella Folkes.

First and foremost, all thanks go to the Creator God Almighty for His abundant blessings. To Matt "HazzMatt" Hazzard for asking me to work on the project and "tell the story." To my big brother, Billy Cloudwalker, for being my travel companion to the studio and keeping me grounded through the journey. To Mom and Pop, ALL my brothers and sisters and extended family for supporting me and having patience ("When is your project getting finished?"). To Don Robbins, Sr. for keeping things interesting. To Klyde Jones, Ronn David and Sheree Ealey for giving me much-needed pointers. To Levy Flying Eagle for being the inspiration behind the project.

To the Orchestra: Jeff "Benson" Mulligan, "Magic" Matt Nigro, Larry "Mozart" Williams, Joey "Smooth" Vincent, and Farid Majeed - thanks for making beautiful music for me! Much love to you all!!