Wanda Mychele

 Great For Cruisin'  

I listen to this CD every day when I'm driving long distance for deliveries, sometimes three times a day. The songs are mellow and keeps me stress-free. I definitely recommend getting this! This artist is well on her way!

by Chris (online order)


The first time I listened to these songs, I felt the emotions of this gifted singer, as if I was experiencing it myself. The order that  the songs are arranged tells a story of the events of a relationship - brilliant!

by Sylvia (online order)

These Tracks are Hot!!

I love these songs! It has a sophisticated sound, reminds me of the days when songs told a story.  Thank you for making music for us to listen to continuously.

Thom (online order)

Let's Say Goodnight - 5 Stars

Like the vocals and background music. Like other songs on the album it sounds like a breath of fresh air, unique and un-copied. Unique human experience.

by Copperbay (iTunes Review)

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Ten Years in the Making,

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The Storyteller of the Heart!!